Fashion Massage

Stress, excitement, anxiety, fun, relief — all emotions some might associate with big business events. Planned months in advance, these events come to a climax with, hopefully, great success. But not before weeks of intense preparation by the people actually running the show. New York Fashion Week, officially branded “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” is certainly no … Read more

Why X-Rays?

Chiropractors take x-rays for the same reasons orthopedists and dentists take them, to get more information and a clearer picture of what might be happening and causing your pain. If you have back pain and have not had any spinal x-rays for a couple of years we would most likely recommend taking one or more … Read more

Funny Chiropractic Video – BMW 320

Accidents can cause multiple muscle strains, muscle pulls, stiffness, inflammation and mis-alignments. The body usually begins to heal very quickly…but if muscles, bones and nerves don’t heal up correctly problems begin shortly after… Here’s a video that feature a BMW thats the exact color and year that I had, yeah, I loved that car 🙂 … Read more