What’s On Your Mind?

Neurofeedback is a fascinating field of study. Historically, is goes back to 1924 and psychiatrist Hans Berger. But it wasn’t until the late 60’s that things really started getting interesting. Barry Sterman taught his lab cats how to change their electroencephalography (EEG) with operant conditioning, yet few could have foreseen it would improve brain regulation … Read more

Pharma For Two

Many, many years ago, people used to smoke quite a bit. Ash trays were de rigueur for dinner guests at most homes 50+ years ago. Second-hand smoke wasn’t a concern, and not many raised an eyebrow when pregnant women smoked. Today you wouldn’t think of doing anything like that if you were pregnant. Maybe a … Read more

Drug-free for ADHD

  Overheard a joke between a couple of 12-year-olds. Q. What does ADHD stand for? A. It stands for attention deficit — oh, look: a butterfly! I couldn’t help myself to chuckle. Serious matter, unexpected outcome. Having grown up in the East Village, I’m used to one-liners. Kids with special needs might chuckle, too, but … Read more

The Better Fish

All of us here are very aware of what we eat. We eat fresh fruits and vegetable whenever we can, stay away from GMO products and avoid eating too many processed foods. We like fish, too. Our local fishmongers get questioned regularly. Are these fresh? Wild or farmed? If they’re farmed, where do they come … Read more

I’d Walk A Mile for a Good Chiropractor

If you walk often, at a brisk pace, you’re doing yourself a favor. Vigorous walking is good for your health. Here in New York, people do a lot of walking. If you live and work in Manhattan, you probably walk a couple of miles per day. Yet these “couple of miles” people walk to/from work … Read more

Diversity in Healthcare

California is an interesting state. Came across a story in The Record (Stockton, California) about a chiropractor who’s also a distiller of fine vodka and a solar panel installer. Talk about diversifying your practice! In his office in Angels Camp, located in a region of California known as the Mother Lode, he shares the vodka … Read more

I Am Iron Man

Some of the kids I’ve talked to lately think Whiplash is a Marvel Comics character. Nemesis of Iron Man (played by Mickey Rourke in the film from 2010, Iron Man 2). In my book, whiplash is a serious injury and something that can linger for years. Cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) is the medical term, and treatment … Read more

FAB! Festival Fun

We had a great time at the FAB! Festival last Saturday. The above photo is one of many by Whitney Browne, published via Flickr. Lots of massages and many samples from our Healthy Transformation program were given away. We’re always happy to help our friends and neighbors in the East Village.