I’d Walk A Mile for a Good Chiropractor


If you walk often, at a brisk pace, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Vigorous walking is good for your health. Here in New York, people do a lot of walking. If you live and work in Manhattan, you probably walk a couple of miles per day.

Yet these “couple of miles” people walk to/from work won’t end up on the U.S. Census Bureau’s “Commuting Report” (opens in PDF). The national average of people walking to work is 2.9% But that’s “only” walking. For anyone who’s ever taken public transportation, you’d probably agreed there’s a substantial amount of walking involved, plus climbing stairs. And in the New York Metro region, 30.5% of commuters use public/mass transit.

Based on our observations, a higher proportion of those living in Manhattan will walk more often than other places around here. If you’re one who walks with a purpose at a fast pace, you’re probably in good shape. You could also experience some of the injuries suffered by runners.

Around the time of the New York Marathon, we came across a well-written piece in U.S. News & World Report by Elena Sonnino entitled “Sports Chiropractic Treatment for Running Injuries.” The author, who is also a runner, interviewed sports chiropractor Dr. Hirad Bagy, who works with Washington’s NFL team, who put it this way…

Bagy emphasizes that not only do all the joints in the body need to move correctly, but they also need to move in coordination with the soft tissue – a healthy body is one where all the factors are working well together. Runners who decide to visit a sports chiropractor should expect, according to Bagy, a thorough evaluation of bio-mechanics by their practitioner, including:

• How they are moving.
• How they are standing.
• What the arch of the foot looks like.
• How the knees are aligned.
• How the hips are aligned.

Very similar to what you can expect from a visit to East Village Chiropractic. We’ve helped hundreds of people involved in sports, from professionals to amateurs to casual participants. Almost all of them walk to work, too!

In fact, we’re very proud of the feedback we’ve gotten from our patients. Take these two found on RateMDs.com

“never believed in Chiropractic care – until my back wouldn’t support my walk to work with a heavy backpack every day. Dr. Odulak did a scan of my spine (interesting, not at all scary) and talked about which stretches would help. Those first adjustments are sure to be weird but I INSTANTLY felt better and he talked me through. Since then he’s helped me through sinus infections, ACL tears, and everything in between. The staff is friendly, appointments convenient, and help with insurance always available – I couldn’t recommend more highly. (No, really. I’ve been with them for 8 years.)”


“I began going to Dr. Odulak when I was suffering from a rib head popping out 2 years ago. The pain was awful! They got me on a schedule of adjustments and therapies that not only eliminated the pain, but I have not suffered with it since! I continue to go for maintenance adjustments because as a marathon runner, and soon to be half Ironman participant, I am abusing my body everyday. They keep me injury free! The staff is helpful and flexible. I recommend this great chiropractor to anyone!”

Stop by the office or call 212-260-2213 with your questions regarding running — or walking — injuries and how we can help. We’re located 33 East 7th Street in New York, just a short walk from subway stations and bus stops. McSorley’s is closer: approximately 230 feet (70 meters).