Diversity in Healthcare

California is an interesting state. Came across a story in The Record (Stockton, California) about a chiropractor who’s also a distiller of fine vodka and a solar panel installer. Talk about diversifying your practice!

Photo by CALIXTRO ROMIAS/The Record
Photo by CALIXTRO ROMIAS/The Record

In his office in Angels Camp, located in a region of California known as the Mother Lode, he shares the vodka with his patients to help them relax. For safety’s sake, he probably doesn’t give his solar electric system workers any. Logically, the distillery itself is powered by solar energy.

Here at East Village Chiropractic, we’ve been focused on quality chiropractic care for more than 20 years. More recently, we’ve been advocating an emphasis on First Line Therapy. We focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, which involves a holistic and alternative approach to medicine. Our favorite products from come from Metagenics®, a leader in the field of nutrigenomics:

A branch of nutritional genomics and is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. This means that nutrigenomics is research focusing on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome. Nutrigenomics has also been described by the influence of genetic variation on nutrition, by correlating gene expression or SNPs with a nutrient’s absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects. By doing so, nutrigenomics aims to develop rational means to optimise nutrition with respect to the subject’s genotype.

At East Village Chiropractic, we have our own ideas on diversity. We make custom orthotics using The Orthotic Group GaitScan technology, and we offer a wide variety of nutritional supplements by Nutri-West and and the most wonderful fish oil product on the market by Nordic Naturals®. We also offer special ice packs, Tempur-pedic® and water pillows, et. al. Think of us as a “one stop shop” for your neck and back.


Stop by our office at 33 East 7th Street or call 212-260-2213 to learn more about excellent chiropractic care, from the outside in and from the inside out. A chiropractic adjustment, orthotics to keep you in line, along with high-quality nutritional supplements — with the support and guidance of a wholesome diet — we will get you living a happier and healthier lifestyle in the greatest city in the world!