Fashion Massage


Stress, excitement, anxiety, fun, relief — all emotions some might associate with big business events. Planned months in advance, these events come to a climax with, hopefully, great success. But not before weeks of intense preparation by the people actually running the show. New York Fashion Week, officially branded “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” is certainly no exception.

photo 4

Among the many boxes and racks upon racks holding the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2014 collection, after a very busy Fashion Week — including a wonderful runway show on Friday — employees at Rebecca Minkoff LLC were treated to a day of massage therapy by East Village Chiropractic.

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Our Swedish Institute-trained and NYS-licensed therapists helped to relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. We enjoy bringing our massage service to businesses in our part of New York. In this case, just a short walk up 4th Avenue.

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For more information on having our massage therapists come to your place of business, please call Maria at 212-260-2213, or send her an email.