Rust in the East Village

After 20+ years as a chiropractor in New York’s East Village, I’ve seen so many of our neighbors become “regulars” with me — and not because I grew up a block away.

How does a patient become a “regular?” Are they always sick or in pain? I should think not! They’re regular visitors who see the manifold advantages of chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For many, it helps them do the things they’ve taken for granted — having the ability to stay physically active or keep up with the demands of their daily work routines. Some lived with chronic pain, thinking it was an inevitability of growing old. I think they’re happy they’ve grown older and wiser. They considered chiropractic care and, once convinced it helped them, accepted it as part of a low-cost, low-risk way to feel better.

If you’ve been feeling “rusty” lately, stop by and talk to us. It could be spinal joints have been still too long (vertebral subluxations), and, like rusty bolts, need a little adjustment.

We’re extending an invitation to everybody who lives or works in the East Village to take advantange of a 10% discount (offer ends after Labor Day). We define “East Village” loosely, so give us a call and we’ll compare definitions.