Scoliroll Scoliosis Treatment

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ScoliRoll® is a Scoliosis treatment aid developed by Denneroll Industries and ScoliCare. It is an innovative device that can be used as an addition to other Scoliosis therapies, such as specific exercise programs and rigid or dynamic bracing. The patented Denneroll peak creates a specific bending moment, de-rotating and straightening the Scoliosis. This enables muscle and ligament stretch and also creates the opportunity for spinal stabilization exercises while the Soliosis is in a straightened position.

ScoliRoll® can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess the amount of flexibility in a Scoliosis curve. This gives the Top Chiropractor NY an indication of how much curve correction might be achieved with Scoliosis rehabilitation or bracing. The Thoracic ScoliRoll® is designed for use with thoracic and some thoraco-lumbar Scoliosis curves.

How Does ScoliRoll® Scoliosis Treatment Work?

Using the patented Denneroll peak, the ScoliRoll® aids in:

  • Curve Straightening.
  • De-rotation of the spine.
  • Ligament Stretch (especially useful for patients with stiff Scoliosis curves to improve spinal flexibility).

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How to Use the ScoliRoll®

To be effective, the ScoliRoll® device should only be used on a firm surface such as a floor or bench.

ScoliRoll® should be used for no longer than 25 minutes at a time. You should build up to this slowly.

When finished with the ScoliRoll® session, you should not sit straight up. You should roll onto your front and rest for a few minutes before getting up.

Placement of Thoracic ScoliRoll®

  • Position at curve apex.
  • Hip and shoulder touching the floor.
  • Be sure your head is supported.
  • Build up gradually to max. of 25 mins.
  • Roll off slowly after use.

Placement of Lumbar ScoliRoll®

  • Position at curve apex.
  • Hip and shoulder touching the floor.
  • Ensure your head is supported.
  • Not for more than 25 mins. max. use.
  • Roll off slowly after use.

ScoliRoll® should only be used under the supervision of your Chiropractor.