Patient Videos

NYC Chiropractic Patient Video Vignettes

Desiree experienced Chronic Lower Back Pain radiating into her left leg down to her toes; her condition continued to decline. Dr. Odulak examined her at our office, took on her case, and started Spinal Decompression with Cold Laser Therapy. After 2 weeks, she started feeling better.





Andrew was suffering from sports-related Back Pain. He’s back in the game after several Chiropractic Adjustments with Dr. Taras Odulak.





Satisfied East Village Chiropractic patient Blair shares his experience.





Long-time patient Diana believes her Custom Orthotics made her feel so much better, that it was “like night and day.” Watch her story.





Wes has been through many different Chiropractors over the years, so we’re glad he sat down to tell us about how happy he is with Dr. Odulak.





Nadia had a Lower Back problem and she could barely move. She explained how this happened and how much better she feels after her visits with Dr. Taras Odulak.





Musician Farai hurt his back while moving his African drums at a gig, is now a regular patient. You’ll be amazed at what other ills were cured by regular adjustments.





Edwin and Justina shared their stories. He was convinced of the benefits early on, but it took him 5 years to convince Justina to join him. They’re both regular patients now.





Emily was getting Massages weekly, until they weren’t helping as much as they used to. We appreciate her kind words about our staff, too!





Gary’s a musician who has a Herniated Disk, which used to be a problem. With regular Chiropractic visits to Dr. Odulak and Physical Therapy, he’s much better now.





Laura, with 2 boys at home, needed help with pain and mobility. Dr. Taras Odulak helped her, all without drugs.





Maria was in pain during the winter months, but not anymore.