Diversity in Healthcare

California is an interesting state. Came across a story in The Record (Stockton, California) about a Chiropractor who’s also a distiller of fine vodka and a solar panel installer. Talk about diversifying your practice!

Photo by CALIXTRO ROMIAS/The Record

Photo by CALIXTRO ROMIAS/The Record

In his office in Angels Camp, located in a region of California known as the Mother Lode, he shares the vodka with his patients to help them relax. For safety’s sake, he probably doesn’t give his solar electric system workers any. Logically, the distillery itself is powered by solar energy.

Here at East Village Chiropractic, we’ve been focused on quality Chiropractic Care for more than 20 years. More recently, we’ve been advocating an emphasis on First Line Therapy. We focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, which involves a holistic and alternative approach to medicine. Our favorite products from come from Metagenics®, a leader in the field of Nutrigenomics:

A branch of nutritional genomics and is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. This means that Nutrigenomics is research focusing on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome. Nutrigenomics has also been described by the influence of genetic variation on nutrition, by correlating gene expression or SNPs with a nutrient’s absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects. By doing so, Nutrigenomics aims to develop rational means to optimize nutrition with respect to the subject’s genotype.

At East Village Chiropractic, we have our own ideas on diversity. We make custom Orthotics using The Orthotic Group GaitScan technology, and we offer a wide variety of nutritional supplements by Nutri-West and and the most wonderful fish oil product on the market by Nordic Naturals®. We also offer special ice packs, Tempur-pedic® and water pillows, et al. Think of us as a “one stop shop” for your neck and back.


Stop by our office at 33 East 7th Street or call (212) 260-2213 to learn more about excellent Chiropractic Care, from the outside in and from the inside out. A Chiropractic Adjustment, Orthotics to keep you in line, along with high-quality nutritional supplements — with the support and guidance of a wholesome diet — we will get you living a happier and healthier lifestyle in the greatest city in the world!

I am Iron Man

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Some of the kids I’ve talked to lately think Whiplash is a Marvel Comics character. Nemesis of Iron Man (played by Mickey Rourke in the film from 2010, Iron Man 2).

In my book, Whiplash is a serious injury and something that can linger for years. Cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) is the medical term, and treatment begins with a thorough professional examination.

Symptoms can include headaches, a needles-and-pins sensation in the extremities and the more typical neck and back pain. Whiplash constitutes an injury to the spine, through which the spinal cord runs to connect the brain with peripheral components of our nervous system. Because of this, symptoms can be widespread and may appear long after the initial injury.

Although commonly associated with automobile accidents, Whiplash can be caused by many activities, including bungee-jumping, playing football, hockey or rugby, and falling for any reason.

Chiropractic Care is a logical first step if you’ve suffered a Whiplash injury, no matter how minor it seems at first. We can help identify any problems, including but not limited to restricted joint motion, intervertebral disc injury, and ligament or muscle injury. You can then expect a variety of treatments such as hands-on manipulations to restore normal range of motion in the spine and joints.

In more than 20 years on East 7th Street, we’ve seen and treated hundreds Whiplash patients. We can use this deep well of experience to help evaluate and treat your condition — or simply quench your thirst for knowledge on the topic.

I may not be Iron Man, but I know what to do about your Whiplash.

FAB! Festival Fun

Photo by Whitney Browne.

We had a great time at the FAB! Festival last Saturday. The above photo is one of many by Whitney Browne, published via Flickr.

Lots of Massages and many samples from our Healthy Transformation program were given away. We’re always happy to help our friends and neighbors in the East Village.

Massage at FAB! Festival

Massage at FAB! Festival, September 28th, 2013

Blue Eyes

Our blue-eyed little lady had a great time!

NYC Chiropractic Care Patient Testimonials

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Happy Birthday Chiropractic Care!

Today marks 118 years since the first adjustment.

The word Chiropractic is derived from the Greek words chiro meaning “hand” and praktikos meaning “practical”. The beginning of Chiropractic can be traced back to 1895 when Canadian Daniel David Palmer performed the first adjustment and founded Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1897. It is alos documented that even the “father of medicine,” Hippocrates, used manipulation in the 5th century B.C.

For details surrounding the “first adjustment,” we like the Wikipedia version:

Daniel David Palmer (D.D. Palmer), a teacher and grocer turned magnetic healer, opened his office of magnetic healing in Davenport, Iowa in 1886. After nine years, D.D. Palmer gave the first Chiropractic Adjustment to Harvey Lillard, on September 18, 1895. According to D.D. Palmer, manipulation is the cure for all diseases for the human race.

Palmer and his patient Harvey Lillard gave differing accounts of when and how Palmer began to experiment with spinal manipulation. Palmer recalled an incident in 1895 when he was investigating the medical history of a partially deaf man, Harvey Lillard. Lillard informed Palmer that while working in a cramped area seventeen years earlier, he felt a “pop” in his back, and had been nearly deaf ever since. Palmer’s examination found a sore lump which he believed was a spinal misalignment and a possible cause of Lillard’s poor hearing. Palmer claimed to have corrected the misalignment and that Lillard’s hearing improved.

Palmer said “there was nothing accidental about this, as it was accomplished with an object in view, and the expected result was obtained. There was nothing ‘crude” about this adjustment; it was specific so much so that no Chiropractor has equaled it.”

However, this version was disputed by Lillard’s daughter, Valdeenia Lillard Simons. She said that her father told her that he was telling jokes to a friend in the hall outside Palmer’s office and, Palmer, who had been reading, joined them. When Lillard reached the punch line, Palmer, laughing heartily, slapped Lillard on the back with the hand holding the heavy book he had been reading. A few days later, Lillard told Palmer that his hearing seemed better. Palmer then decided to explore manipulation as an expansion of his magnetic healing practice. Simons said “the compact was that if they can make [something of] it, then they both would share. But, it didn’t happen.”

Since D.D. Palmer’s first claim of restoring hearing to Harvey Lillard, there has been controversy about whether a link actually could exist between the spinal adjustment and return of hearing. Critics asserted that a spinal adjustment cannot affect certain areas – like the brain – because the spinal nerves do not extend into the encephalon. Years later, V. Strang, D.C. illustrated several neurological explanations including the recognition that sympathetic nerves arising in the lateral horns of the upper thoracic levels of the spine form the upper cervical ganglion with postganglionic fibers ascending to supply, among other things, blood vessels of the brain, but still with no connection to hearing. Others, though, talked about vertebral subluxation.


D.D. Palmer

The study and practice of Chiropractic Care has come a long way over the last hundred years — and so have we: 22 years and counting, all of them on East 7th Street in New York.

Why X-Rays?


Chiropractors take X-rays for the same reasons orthopedists and dentists take them, to get more information and a clearer picture of what might be happening and causing your pain. If you have back pain and have not had any spinal x-rays for a couple of years we would most likely recommend taking one or more X-rays to look for potential sources such as abnormal curvature of the spine, scoliosis, and degeneration of the discs and joints (this may or may not be painful at first but can affect one’s overall posture, movement patterns and other systems of the body as well). Some people might be born with extra vertebrae (bones of the spine) or be born with vertebrae that are fused or misshapen. Infections, disease conditions of the muscle or bones, fractures, and cancer are examples of additional potential sources of pain that can be picked up on an x-ray. Other variables that we are also looking for in your initial exam are range of motion in the joints, nerve irritation, reflexes, soft tissue damage, inflammation, swelling, and muscle tone.

X-rays help find the source of aches and pain, giving us important, detailed information so we can chose the most effective treatment program for you. If you have additional questions or concerns before having your X-rays taken, contact us. We’re always more than happy to talk to you about it.

Headache Remedy

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“Not today, I have a Headache.”

In some facets of daily life, this is not an excuse to be less productive. Unless you’ve got a real whopper of a Headache, you can’t justifiably “opt out” of work and go home to rest. Think about how many people “tough it out” and work through their Headache. That can’t be very productive.

The World Health Organization looked into it and published a report entitled “Atlas of Headache disorders and resources in the world 2011”, which concluded:

Headache disorders are ubiquitous, prevalent, disabling and largely treatable, but under-recognized, under-diagnosed and under-treated. Illness that could be relieved is not, and burdens, both individual and societal, persist. financial costs to society through lost productivity are enormous – far greater than the healthcare expenditure on Headache in any country.

Healthcare for Headache must be improved, and education is required at multiple levels to achieve this. Most importantly, healthcare providers need better knowledge of how to diagnose and treat the small number of Headache disorders that contribute substantially to public ill-health. Given the very high indirect costs of Headache, greater investment in healthcare that treats Headache effectively, through well-organized health services and supported by education, may well be cost-saving overall.

So here’s our contribution toward improving knowledge of how to treat one type: the Tension Headache (officially referred to as the “tension-type Headache” by the International Headache Society; others are migraine, cluster and other trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias). Consider Chiropractic Care as your first line therapy. Joint manipulation and neck mobilization, along with stretching and strengthening exercises, have been demonstrated to be effective. Massage and other forms of soft-tissue treatment are often helpful as well.

Headaches and Migraines are often caused by subluxations (misalignment of the vertebrae) in the cervical spine. Although taking pain medication might help momentarily, it may not be an effective long-term solution. Have you ever asked yourself why you keep getting Headaches? We’ve successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from Headaches — with pain ranging from daily Tension Headaches to debilitating Migraines precluding any work or play activity. Even if your Headache is minor in comparison, don’t put off the urge to get help. Our results with Chiropractic Treatment have been positively overwhelming.

We firmly agree with the University of Maryland Medical Center’s plurality of remedies, but we agree most with their summary of Chiropractic Care:

Several clinical trials indicate that spinal manipulation therapy may help treat Tension Headaches, especially ones that start in the neck. One study compared spinal manipulation to Elavil and found that people in both groups got better, while those in the spinal manipulation group had less side effects. The benefits of spinal manipulation lasted longer: One month after treatment, the Chiropractic group still showed improvement, while the Elavil group did not. Another study found a 50% reduction of Headache severity after a single 10-minute spinal manipulation session. However, other studies comparing Chiropractic to a sham treatment plus massage found no benefit.

If you suffer through chronic, Tension-type Headaches, we’d love to talk to you. We may be able to help!

Rust in the East Village

After 20+ years as a Chiropractor in New York’s East Village, I’ve seen so many of our neighbors become “regulars” with me — and not because I grew up a block away.

How does a patient become a “regular”? Are they always sick or in pain? I should think not! They’re regular visitors who see the manifold advantages of Chiropractic Care as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For many, it helps them do the things they’ve taken for granted — having the ability to stay physically active or keep up with the demands of their daily work routines. Some lived with chronic pain, thinking it was an inevitability of growing old. I think they’re happy they’ve grown older and wiser. They considered chiropractic care and, once convinced it helped them, accepted it as part of a low-cost, low-risk way to feel better.

If you’ve been feeling “rusty” lately, stop by and talk to us. It could be spinal joints have been still too long (vertebral subluxations), and, like rusty bolts, need a little adjustment.

We’re extending an invitation to everybody who lives or works in the East Village to take advantage of a 10% discount (offer ends after Labor Day). We define “East Village” loosely, so contact us and we’ll compare definitions.


Lower Back Pain Relief

Combining Standard Medical Care with Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

We’ve been advocates of Chiropractic treatment working to augment Standard Medical Care (SMC) for years. In fact, we routinely collaborate with medical professionals and other health care providers on how best to achieve patient success.

Naturally, we were gratified to read the April issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which published a piece on “Low Back Pain” (by Denise M. Goodman, MD, MS; Alison E. Burke, MA; Edward H. Livingston, MD) that suggests chiropractic therapy as an option:

Many treatments are available for low back pain. Often exercises and physical therapy can help. Some people benefit from chiropractic
therapy or acupuncture. Sometimes medications are needed, including analgesics (painkillers) or medications that reduce inflammation.
Surgery is not usually needed but may be considered if other therapies have failed.

We do believe chiropractic care should be “option #1” – being safer and more efficient in relieving pain. Our point-of-view was validated by a study cited by The medical journal Spine, “Adding Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy to Standard Medical Care for Patients With Acute Low Back Pain: Results of a Pragmatic Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Study,” (Goertz, Christine M. DC, PhD; Long, Cynthia R. PhD; Hondras, Maria A. DC, MPH; Petri, Richard MD; Delgado, Roxana MS; Lawrence, Dana J. DC, MMedEd, MA; Owens, Edward F. MS, DC; Meeker, William C. DC, MPH) which concluded…

The results of this trial suggest that CMT [Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy] in conjunction with SMC [Standard Medical Care] offers a significant advantage for decreasing pain and improving physical functioning when compared with only standard care, for men and women between 18 and 35 years of age with acute LBP [Lower Bain Pain].

Lower Back Pain varies and ranges from a dull or sharp pain to tingling or numbness running down your leg — symptoms suggesting a pinched nerve, precipitated when a disc bulges out and puts extra pressure on the nerve between spinal bones.


Dr. O. would be more than happy to discuss the details these and other similar studies, and show you how to properly maintain back health. Over the last 20 years – all of them on East 7th Street – we’ve found ourselves getting into these types of discussions with patients at least once a week.

Lowering Blood Pressure with Chiropractic Care

High Blood Pressure affects one out of every 3 people in the U.S. Chiropractic Adjustments are successful in lowering blood pressure up to 17 points or the equivalent of 2 blood pressure medications..And there is research proving it. If you have family of friends with high blood pressure send them this short video clip….You may just have a huge impact on their life.

Yours in Health,

Dr. O.