Pharma For Two

Many, many years ago, people used to smoke quite a bit. Ash trays were de rigueur for dinner guests at most homes 50+ years ago. Second-hand smoke wasn’t a concern, and not many raised an eyebrow when pregnant women smoked. … Continued

Orthotics: The Perfect Fit

Orthotics help treat pain in your joint, lower back, or legs. We’ve worked out problems large and small by evaluating patients and then making custom orthotics using The Orthotic Group GaitScan™ technology. Generelly, orthotics can be divided into two groups: … Continued

The Better Fish

All of us here are very aware of what we eat. We eat fresh fruits and vegetable whenever we can, stay away from GMO products and avoid eating too many processed foods. We like fish, too. Our local fishmongers get … Continued

Diversity in Healthcare

California is an interesting state. Came across a story in The Record (Stockton, California) about a chiropractor who’s also a distiller of fine vodka and a solar panel installer. Talk about diversifying your practice! In his office in Angels Camp, … Continued