Innovative Chronic Pain Relief with the K-Laser

If you suffer from chronic back, neck or joint pain, K-Laser Therapy is the solution you are looking for.

An Interview with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Phil Harrington

Finally a non-surgical, non-medicated approach to chronic
pain management.

K-Laser Therapy works by stimulating production of cellular energy in damaged cells and by enhancing the cell membrane permeability. This accelerates the quality of healing, enhances the exchange of nutrients and wastes across the cell membrane and improves elasticity of injured tissues. K-Laser Therapy reduces pain and inflammation. It can be used immediately on acute injuries, over broken skin and over metal implants. K-Laser Therapy enhances the rate and quality of healing of acute injuries, and can help with the resolution of chronic complaints such as Arthritis.

Here at East Village Chiropractic, we provide K-Laser Therapy. Are you ready to get rid of your pain in a drug-free, non-surgical way?

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