East Village Fire in New York City

On March 26th, 2015, an explosion caused two buildings to collapse only a few buildings away from East Village Chiropractic. We felt the blast under our feet while patients were in the office. First responders arrived immediately; police barricaded the street and asked us to evacuate. They worried about the domino effect as the fire was wrapping around the corner toward our office. I actually took these pictures from my parents’ patio across the street from the office and watched as firefighter dug a whole into the ground in front of the stoop of the office, so he could access a gas line.

At the end of the night, I returned to the office and found it full of smoke. Today, I am at the office to begin our own clean up, so we can open our doors on Monday.

East Vilalge Fire

East Vilalge Fire NYC

East Vilalge Fire New York City

East Vilalge Fire New York City

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